2.1.5 (Build number 19042404)

  • Jobscheduling improvments
  • Job scheduling library migration from FirebaseJobdispatcher -> Evernote Job due to depreciation
  • More aggresive location tracking and reporting
  • Major Bugfixes across the SDK
  • GCM Bug fixes & migration
  • SDK boot fix

2.1.4 (Build number 19110207)

  • More minor bugfixes

2.1.3 (Build number 19010203)

  • Urgent Nullpointer & runtime crash fix

2.1.2 (Build number 18121907)

  • Background job scheduling relaxed to work under any circumstances
  • Bug fixes

2.1.1 (Build number 18121713)

  • Background events triggering improvement

2.1.0 (Build number 18112905)

  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Reduction of bitplace event spam
  • Better Metrics management & regular update without user interaction
  • Added more metric options to collect
  • Bulk event support for bitplaceEvents
  • Tracking region improvements
  • NOTE: As of November 2018 Google will force any app submissions to be atleast Android 8.0 (API 26 & above). API level
  • NOTE: As of April 2018 Google has depreceated GCM & has migrated to FCM, please consult the Push notifications guide for setting up FCM push notifications GCM deprecated

2.0.3 (Build number 18091208)

  • Fixed numerous null pointer exceptions
  • Changed Dex Compilation method to D8 permanently
  • Updated & fixed JobService & JobIntentService to hold to the standards defined by the Android Documentation
  • Weakened the scope of the access modifier of BitplacesFCMListenerService
  • Various minor bugfixes & enhancments
  • Push notifications should now work reliably within the same scope of Beacons.
  • NOTE: Correct implementation of Push notifications on Android 8 requires the use of channels, please consult the Android 8 migration guide when setting up Push notifications Android 8

2.0.2 (Build number 18082435)

  • Fixed a UUID crashing bug for the SDK
  • Bug fixes
  • Further support for android 8.
  • NOTE: Implementation of Push notifications in Android 8 requires the use of channels, please consult the Android 8 migration guide when setting up Push notifications Android 8

2.0.1 (Build number 18070901)

  • Improved monitoring of beacon bitplaces.
  • NOTE: For best monitoring results, we strongly recommend that you perform the SDK initialization in your application's [onCreate()|] method.
  • Important: If upgrading from version 1.* of the Bitplaces Android SDK, please note that some minor but important build integration details have changed, please check the updated integration guide. The SDK's public API remains intact.

2.0.0 (Build number 18060313)

  • Important: If upgrading from version 1.* of the Bitplaces Android SDK, please note that some minor but important build integration details have changed, please check the updated integration guide. The SDK's public API remains intact.
  • The Bitplaces SDK is now compatible with Android O. Beacon detection is subject to limitiations and will be improved in a future release.
  • Add support for FCM notifications.
  • If using FCM to send push notifications to your app, make sure to add your app's Firebase Server Key to your Bitplaces release.
  • Cache tag types and tags locally.
  • Load configuration remotely and keep track of last known positions.
  • Bug fixes.

1.21.2 (Build number 17121203)

  • Bug fixes.

1.21.1 (Build number 17112408)

  • Fixed a crash when presenting notifications.

1.21.0 (Build number 17112106)

  • Increased the SDK's minSdkVersion to Android 4.0.4 (API Level 15).
  • Removed the requirement for android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS.

1.20.0 (Build number 17091516)

1.19.0 (Build number 17090707)

1.18.0 (Build number 17070702)

  • Add support for collecting metrics about the user behavior. Therefore, some changes to the integration in the parent application are necessary. Please see Integrate Metrics for details.
  • Improve handling of failed event reports
  • The minimum officially supported version of the Play services SDK is now 10.0.0.

1.17.2 (Build number 17062206)

  • Prevent NullPointerException thrown by accessing null GCM token.
  • Prevent RuntimeException thrown by a bug on Play Services / Android 4.* from crashing the host app.

1.17.1 (Build number 17050306)

  • Ensure assertions don't bring down release builds.

1.17.0 (Build number 17041103)

  • Support for Eddystone beacons.
  • Accept a list of sender IDs which can send push notifications to the Bitplaces SDK.

1.16.0 (Build number: 17030703)

1.15.7 (Build number: 17020702)

  • Bug fixes.
  • Improve handling and filtering of mock locations.

1.15.6 (Build number: 16101811)

  • The SDK can now show the number of unread Inbox messages as a badge on your app icon. Check out how to enable this feature in the Showing the number of unread message as message badge on your app icon section of the Integration Guide.
  • The getBitplacesInRegion() method of the BitplacesSDK class will now use the list of tag IDs passed as the value of the tagIds argument to filter the bitplaces that the response must return. (Previously this value was ignored.)
  • Added functionality to show a message count badge on the host app's icon.

1.15.5 (Build number: 16092905)

  • Address a rare issue on Android 6 which would raise SecurityException when requesting location updates to Google Play services even right after having confirmed that the necessary permission had been granted.
  • Updated Integration Guide, including fixes to the links from the guide to the API documentation.
  • Internal improvements.

1.15.4 (Build number: 16082208)

  • Bug fixes.

1.15.3 (Build number: 16072515)

  • Fix issue that caused some synchronous executions of requests to block forever.
  • Make retrieved customer beacon UUIDs expire and purge the database from them.

1.15.2 (Build number: 16063001)

  • Remove dependency on Apache HTTP Client.
  • Check for runtime permission to access the user's location when running on Android 6.0 or newer.

1.15.1 (Build number: 16061406)

  • Improve background handling of operations in the BitplacesService.
  • Fix issue affecting the correct parcel-based serialization / deserialization of associatedBitplaceIds in BitplacesMessage.

1.15.0 (Build number: 16060301)

  • Added support for retrieving the IDs of the closest bitplaces to a given inbox message (for customer accounts that support it). See the API documentation for BitplacesMessage's method getClosestBitplaceIds().
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.14.1 (Build number: 16052301)

  • Minor bug fix ensuring against crashes when the backend returns bitplace data for a detected beacon but the bitplace ID is missing from the response.

1.14.0 (Build number: 16051205)

  • Added support for location-independent beacons tracking. This is now the default beacons tracking mode.
  • Several internal improvements and small bug fixes.

1.13.0 (Build number: 16032101)

1.12.0 (Build number: 15111604)

  • The SDK is now packaged as an AAR bundle. If you are updating from an older SDK version, some integration changes will be required. See Integrating and using the Bitplaces Android SDK.
  • The minimum officially supported version of the Play services SDK is now 11.8.0.
  • The GCM token management system has been updated to the newer Play services Instance ID API.
  • The old public SDK API (including start methods) related to the GCM registration process has been removed without previous deprecation to avoid confusion and potentially costly mistakes in customer integrations.

1.11.4 (Build number: 15082701)

  • Document that fetching a message by ID changes its status automatically to Read in the backend.
  • Register event timestamp and send it to backend.
  • Do not retry to send events older than a predetermined amount of time.
  • Deprecate most mutating methods of BitplaceEvent.

1.11.3 (Build number: 15070101)

  • Fix issue that could cause the bitplaces monitoring service to lose state if monitoring was turned on right after initializing the SDK for the first time after app install.

1.11.2 (Build number: 15060801)

  • Fix issue that would prevent the retrieval of inbox messages sorted by distance to the user's current location.
  • Fix issue that could in some rare cases trigger an exception when updating the internal cache database.

1.11.0 (Build number: 15042801)

  • Send advertising ID to backend to help the Bitplaces platform prevent delivering the same message repeatedly to the same user when the user has installed several apps with the SDK and connected accounts.

1.10.1 (Build number: 15042001)

  • Add associatedBitplaceIds property to BitplacesMessage.
  • Improvements to mock locations policy.
  • Improve robustness of internal cache database.
  • Other small fixes.

1.10.0 (Build number: 15031602)

  • Add option to perform location monitoring through Google Play services.
  • Introduce several safeguards against spoofing of bitplace events.
  • Enable selection of monitoring for only geo-bitplaces, only beacon-bitplaces, or both.
  • Introduce MonitoringPreferences to configure the monitoring mode, the kind of location tracking, settings affecting the measures to aid against the spoofing of bitplace events, frequency of motion detection, and beacon scanning settings.
  • Bug fixes.

v.1.9.0 Beta (Build number: 14122601)

  • Changes to integration requirements:
    • The required minimum version of the Google Play Services library to build against is now 6.5. This does not affect the required runtime version of Play Services.
    • If you want to selectively compile Google Play services APIs into your executable, select at least and, as they are required by the Bitplaces SDK.
    • Required new permission in the manifest: <uses-permission android:name=""/>.
  • Improvements to battery performance.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Internal architecture improvements in preparation for new features.

v.1.8.2 (Build number: 14111301)

  • Add support for retrieving the visibility property of inbox messages.
  • Fix issue that could prevent the SDK from effectively reacting to a change in the user's selected channels if the device was static.
  • Improvements / additions to the public API.

v.1.8.1 (Build number: 14101401)

  • Add awareness of the Bitplaces Application Token (BAT) and support for its retrieval.
  • Add support for reading message metadata (set of arbitrary key-value pairs assigned by the customer to a message / notification instance through the backend API).

v.1.8.0 (Build number: 14100204)

  • Support for beacon bitplaces.
  • Support for managing the user subscription of channels in the backend.
  • Several internal improvements to robustness and reliability.

v.1.7.5 (Build number: 14072105)

  • Upgrade GCM push message support to Google Play Services. The GCM.jar library is no longer needed and the SDK now requires Google Play Services to be installed in the host device.
  • Add new start method to BitplacesSDK that accepts a GCM registration ID, useful if the host app wants to remain in control of the GCM registration process.
  • Add methods to BitplacesSDK to set, access and clear the GCM registration ID, and to access the Bitplaces GCM sender ID.

v. 1.7.4 (Build number: 14051501)

  • Add support for the 'LocalBroadcast' event type.
  • Support registration of user's GCM (push) sender IDs.

v. 1.7.3 (Build number: 14050502)

  • Add support for the 'Stay' event type.

v. 1.7.2 (Build number: 14043001)

  • Fix issue by which could cause the backend to trigger and error when attempting to clear the user's inbox or set all inbox messages as read.

v. 1.7.1 (Build number: 14031801)

  • Ensure the SDK can generate a User Agent string before it has been explicitly started by the user. This addresses a crash that could happen when the SDK sent a request to the backend immediately after a device reboot.

Base version: v. 1.7.0 (Build number: 14021401)